Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whats in a name? on the WAHM front.

I am sitting here wondering, if everyone who has ever named a business had this trouble? I have spent countless hours now, brainstorming, researching, comparing, nit picking, and scribbling out possible names for my home front. I have grilled family, friends, and even complete strangers looking for a grain of inspiration.
I want a name that you see and wonder, hmmm I wonder whats inside this link? I want it to catchy and easy to remember. I want it to elude to whats going on, recycling/re-purposing clothes. Heres a short list of the suggestions I have gotten so far.
  • piddlin around 
  • sams designs 
  • play it again 
  • old to new 
  • previously loved 
and heres some of my own ideas:
  • trashy tees 
  • do over 
  • rerun 
  • wonky wares (i cant take credit for this, a mama on DS said it once, and i liked it!) 
  • recon (as in reconstruction) but i dont like having to point that out? 
  • undone
  • used2be
 Any takers on this challenge?

Other WAHM news... I've been asking other moms out there for feedback regarding pricing and so far its been pretty positive. Heres the post.  Blah blah blah, I want to skip to the good stuff and share with you all my packing ideas.
Brown paper bag envelope, Food box tag with inspirations quote and business info (site/etc), and scrap tee bow!

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