Friday, July 9, 2010

Look at me, and my very first blog post!

I suppose I should start by saying thank you- thanks for taking the time to read up on whatever it is I have to share. Also thanks to you out there who also hope to make a difference in the world- I am not just talking about recycling and our environment (as important as it is!) I'm shouting out to those parents and families (both birth and adopted), friends, teachers, crime fighters, doctors, fire fighters, volunteers, politicians (certainly I have to believe there's at least a few good apples out there)
You dont have to fly to an orphanage in Uruguay and drill a well for this thank you, but heck yeah if you did! Even if you dont know it, you could possibly be making a small difference sitting right where you are- by being you.

My point is, you can be making a difference and not even notice. Being green doesn't have to be expensive, disruptive, or difficult. Today I want to share a few small changes that we've made around the house, and you can too

1.) Switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Next time you’re stocking up on cleaning supplies, trade your standard brands for supplies labeled eco-friendly or biodegradable. Or you can make your own- Vinegar, salt and lemon juice are all great natural cleaning products.

2.) Switch to cloth napkins and unpaper towels

Not only do they add pretty accents to your table, but cloth napkins significantly reduce paper waste. Take it one step further and switch to handkerchiefs instead of tissues and rags rather than paper towels for cleaning.

3.) Shop local for produce.

Duh- Buying local reduces your footprint and helps support farmers in your community.

4.) Compare and contrast when you shop.

Look for items with as little packaging as possible, and buy items packaged in recyclable material whenever possible.

5.) Start composting.

Composting food scraps is a quick and easy way to reduce waste in your home. Once your pile is set up, it’s as simple as tossing your food scraps into a bowl and taking it outside every day. ((Yeah, I am still working on this one))

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