Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Play Dirty. Exploring Mud-

Grit. Grime. Sludge. Slime. Filth. Slop. Its mud time! 

Let us go back almost a decade and reminisce of the days when I used to run the mud bog at the Warren County Farmers Fair. Ahhh yes- It looked a little something like this: 
During the intermission of the county fair truck bog, ladies have the opportunity to race through the mud to win cash prizes. (At least we won cash when I raced... I dont know if they still do that today) 
Doesn't that just sound fun? 

Even as a preschool teacher I made sure that my kids had a chance to get down and dirty... some how I managed to get the OK from my director and all the parents to take the kids mud sliding!?! Through my experience at the Toyota Child Development Center I realized (gasp) that the majority of my students never had actually played in mud!!

It should come as no surprise that in my house, mud pies are fresh daily. Unlike parents, who can view dirt and mud as a nuisance, I am plopping my butt down right in the middle of that mud puddle (ours is lake sized, so it does fit!)  and soaking up the opportunity to not only have fun and make memories but also embracing the valuable learning experiences mud play offers. 

Best ways to play in the mud, according to Sam:
  • Monster Jam 
  • Painting my screen door with mud 
  • Mixing mud pies with our Little Tikes Mud Pie Maker 
  • Painting my sidewalk with the mud 
  • Digging the mud pit bigger 
  • Dragging the water hose to the front of my house to make more mud when it dries  
Kids can  not only express their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills, science and math skills playing in mud but mud or clay can be used to create molded master pieces left to dry.

Are you ready to play in the mud? What do you need? Dirt- Just add Water.
Some other fun things you can choose to include... shovels, spoons, scoops, forks, cups, bowls, pie tins, sifters, tonka trucks, cars, trucks of any kind, sticks, leaves, rocks, more water!, worms, cookie cutters, funnels, animals, dinosaurs, flower pots

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