Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fashinista Mama Me.

Maybe I have an odd sense of fashion, but it seems like year after year I can not seem to find cool kids clothes for my boys!? Sure, you have tons of basketballs and footballs, cheesy looking monster trucks, cute bears, and lame dinosaurs... but can you really blame me for wanting something different? Now don't get me wrong, H&M, Mini Boden, Oilily, Paul Frank- They all offer some kick ass clothes but I can hardly afford those used!

Not so long ago I broke out my sewing machine (a Christmas gift I asked for oh, um... 3 maybe 4 years ago untouched until now) and pieced together this monster truck deal for Sam. I purchased a shirt from Walmart and the rest of it came from a cut up pair of boxers, a stained l/s thermal, and an outgrown onesie. Since this first experiment I have created a couple more 'custom' shirts for friends.

Somewhere along this life adventure, I think I lost touch with my creative outlets. Slowly, piece by piece, I feel like I am rediscovering small parts of myself that might have been overcast by the daily chaos of mommyhood. Picking up photography must have been the beginning.

The idea that I might be able to create pretty awesome, handcrafted, one of a kind, cool kid stuff, and keep it affordable... is a vision of sugar plums dancing in my head. I began hoarding up sale fabrics from my local craft store, but then it hit me. Like a side arm throw in dodgeball- I am not going to stock up on new fabrics- but I am going to do it all with recycled clothing or notions (sheets, blankets, etc.) I got to researching and here is what I found: Over one million ton of textiles are discarded annually, mostly from domestic sources, of which 25% are recycled. (Cupit 1996)

Not only are you doing a something to help keep recyclable materials from entering the landfill, but you also are consuming less!! For now, I need practice... and maybe an etsy shop is in my future? If your interested in partaking in my creative tshirt making awesomeness or have clothes to donate feel free to drop me an email. I am currently looking for solid color tshirts and onesies (to design) any colors or sizes. Interesting patterns, prints, and textured fabrics for designs-

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