Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Spring fever is no cause to get your head checked. But I do believe its only cure is- sunshine! If you're like me, you are more than excited to open the doors wide and chase your children in the yard for a breathe of fresh air.  Do you enjoy driving with the music up and windows down? Me too- even if it is Laurie Berkner! I listen loud and proud!

Here are a few great ways to GET OUT and enjoy some family fun with little to no cost.

Get creative outside!! Any ole art/craft project taken outside is just that much MORE fun- Pick up leaves, twigs, rocks and use them in your designs. Try painting with flowers! The canvas the boys are painting on here is just an ole pillow case. Once the masterpiece dried we mounted the fabric on frames.

Hiking, biking or walking in a local natural area or park. Yes, this is obvious, but sometimes we forget how free and easy some of the best pleasures are! (

 Spend a night stargazing. Find star maps online or in the library and learn the constellations. (Astronomy for Kids)

Try your hand at guerrilla gardening. You know that boring patch of grass on the corner? I’m sure no one would mind if you sneaked in some sunflowers or a bunch of marigolds. Beautify your neighborhood, on the sly. If your lucky enough to have a spacious yard, get a green thumb, and try you hand at a wildflower patch or vegetable garden. (Gardening with Kids Blog) (

Get Outside!! Go! Shoo! I'd love to hear what you've done when you come back in-

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  1. Wonderful ideas Jenelle! Thanks for the links and resources too! Jenn/Rook No. 17