Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recycle Those Rolls Guest Tutorial from Jessica @ Noguchi Designs

Trash it? Oh no no no, Recycle it!
Gift it! Give it!
Even Decorate with it!
Fun projects for the old & young.
Quick, easy & fun

Have you ever thought of what to do with those toilet paper rolls? How about the paper towel roll? Over the years I’ve seen them be turned into Butterflies, Wands, Swords, & Rain makers. Kids seem to have lots of fast fun with them. That’s it though, fast fun, then they bend, rip, get stepped on or even wet. This year why not make something that can last. The following tutorial will show two final products. I’ll show you some basics, I know you can take these steps and move on with your own creativity to end up with some great & unique items.

Base supplies:
Cardboard rolls
(toilet paper/paper towel)
Extra supplies:
Hot glue gun & sticks
Tissue paper
Yarn or string
Pinking shears
(or any fun edged scissors)
Clear Coating Spray

~*3D Art*~

1. Take your Base supplies

2. Cut the rolls: I cut in half, then thirds, ending up with 6 pieces per roll

3. Place pieces in a floral & vine pattern  Glue where they meet &  pin until dry

4. Once dry remove pins and ta-da! It’s done. Hang as is with a few random nails as hooks or use up an old frame without glass glue piece to a backing and enjoy.


1. Take Base supplies &  your choice of Extra supplies

2. Rip up some tissue

3a. Mix a little white paint & water. Paint the roll & adhere paper all over, paint again on top of paper, stand rolls up to dry 

3b. Paint rolls with glitter glue or glue &  glitter or paint mixture & glitter

4. Once all are dry, lightly paint the inside with the same method (no picture because I didn’t do it,
after finishing I realized I should have)

5. Cut rolls

6. Glue & clip until dry (don’t forget the hanging string)

7. Once dry remove clips & viola! Your Ornament is done. Hang on the tree, top a gift, put on the kids rooms doorknob.

Don’t forget to have the kids sign & date them .


  1. i never would have thought of that! thanks!

  2. These are some really cool crafts with old rolls! :) Love it! Found you from Trash N2 Tees Webbernet Event! :)

  3. Cute! I might have to try these out for the Christmas tree!

  4. love this for xmas decorations. found u through trashn2tees.